The Last Post (for now)

Posted: March 6, 2016 in chess

Hi everybody –

Per our early posts this year, the Suffern Chess Club recently went through a period of upheaval as we had difficulties in securing an economical place to play each week.

That situation was solved when we merged with Bergen Chess Mates. At the time we weren’t sure if that would be a temporary or permanent solution to our problems. We’re happy to report that the merger has gone swimmingly and everybody has enjoyed playing on Monday nights at our new home base.

That said, the Suffern Chess Club will not renew its charter when our Club Membership is up for renewal later this month. Our website will also revert to it’s official wordpress domain in a couple of weeks (

I’ve enjoyed writing the posts for the site over the past 9 years. It’s given me a chance to dabble in creative writing exercises and have some fun along the way. There are 144 posts on the site, and we’ve received almost 48,000 views and had 10,500 visitors over that time.

I won’t say goodbye as much as farewell. If the mood strikes me, I may start creating posts again. But for now, we’ll leave things as they are.

Have fun and best of luck. Remember this:

  • Keep studying.
  • Keep playing.
  • Keep fighting.
  • Watch out for tactics.
  • And you will win your fair share of matches!



kings_1063 (crop) med res


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