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borisaltermanOne of the long running features on the ICC website is Boris Alterman’s Gambit Guide, a series of videos on sharp chess openings (for both white and black).

We recently learned that Boris has his very own WordPress site which contains useful information for the improving chess player.

A summary of blog post categories can be accessed on the left side of the blog.

Categories include:

  • Coaching Tips
  • Computer Chess
  • Principles of Play
  • Openings

On the negative side, the vast majority of blog posts are from 2008 (with a few newer posts from 2010 and 2011). It’s likely that Boris has been more occupied with updating his lecture series on the ICC and has less time to maintain this blog.

In any case, it’s certainly worth a visit. You can check it out by clicking the following link: Boris Alterman Website


Hello again.  We’ve added a touch of class to the site by providing an RSS feed to the New York Times chess blog.  “Gambit” has various articles on goings on in the chess Gambit-crop

world.  The top 5 articles will be listed for your convenience.  Click on the links to see the full posts.

In other Suffern Chess Club News, the Succotash Swiss tournament has been rated and the crosstable link is also posted on the right margin.  My experiment with submitting the tourney online was successful (but time-consuming).  Thanks to the friendly people at the USCF for helping me figure out how to get this accomplished!

Weeee’re Back

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Blogs, chess, Club Info

marble-2knights-best-trim_2191 After a bit of a hiatus, we’ve been able to get the website up and running again.

To celebrate the “relaunch” we’ve added a new look to the site as well.  In the coming weeks we will begin to update the content as well.

As a start to this process, I’ve added a new link for grandmaster Peter Leko and also put in a section in the right column where you can reference the crosstables to our last 3 rated events.

Meanwhile, attendance at the club has been growing steadily over the past few months.  New members have been coming on a regular basis and we have seen a crowd of about 20 members in any given week.

Members have also been stepping up to help run our tournament events.  Bessalel Yarjovski and Louis Winokur (yours truly) are both certified club directors and will be running the next few events to give Gerry a break and to give us more flexibility in case a director is ill or has the nerve to go on vacation!

We have added a new website to the GrandMaster section.  Alexandra Kosteniuk, the “Chess Queen” is much more than just another pretty face.  She is an international Grandmaster and the Women’s World Champion.

She also has a nice website that has a variety of content for the aspiring chess player.  As noted in this month’s Chess Life, The Chess Journalists of America and the Cramer Committee voted this as the place for the best video podcast.  Check out the Free Chess Video Podcast link on her site, or go there directly by clicking this link: 

(note: you may need to adjust your firewall to see the instructional videos)