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knightThe Suffern Chess Club welcomes all players in the surrounding area to participate in our activities.  The club was originally known as the Hillsdale-Montvale Chess Club and has since been relocated to Suffern, NY in response to community interest.

We meet every Wednesday at 7:45 p.m. for rated tournament play.  The club has members of various strengths and we encourage you to come out and have fun.  Standard tournaments are game 85 (1 hour 25 minutes per person).

Note: The club will not meet on the following Wednesdays in 2008: 6/18/08,  11/19/08,  12/17/08. 

The club features

  • Weekly USCF rated match play
  • Year-round tournaments
  • Pre-match casual play
  • Various skill levels
  • Great value ($15 yearly club membership*)

 *United States Chess Federation Membership is required for participation in rated events.


The Suffern Chess Club provides a quiet, relaxing place for local adults to gather and play rated “over the board” tournament matches.  The club is a great outlet for friendly competition at the world’s most challenging game.