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Thanks to everybody for coming out to the Suffern Lightning Swiss in August. We’re in the midst of another exciting year in Suffern. As we head to the fall, we look forward to the return of existing members after their summer vacations and welcoming new members to the club.


This month’s fun photo comes from a game of chess played underwater in Curacao by Dutch grandmaster Hans Bohm vs. Robin Swinkels.

Though it is April 1st and last month’s fun photo was a gag, this one is not a joke. We looked up the two players on FIDE and found that Hans has a rating of 2306 and Robin has a rating of 2494. Some additional digging turned up two You Tube videos.

The first one is the actual coverage of this match.

The second one we found shows a one minute bullet match on a TV shows between Hans and Magnus Carlsen.

I can’t speak to the live commentary on this video as I only know a little French. Even so, it’s still very entertaining!

Here’s a You Tube video from the illusionist Derren Brown. See if you can figure out how he went toe to toe during a simul with 9 top British players.

If you’re interested in some serious videos on opening theory, check out our Analysis/Games section.

Late last year, I posted an article on recommended chess books in my library.  I’m nothing if not perseverant, so I’m not too proud to admit that I’m still working my way through Dvorestky’s Endgame Manual.  It’s a great book, however the content is very complex.  So after about 14 months, I’ve only read about 50% of the material.

In case you are considering purchasing the book, I put together a short video demonstrating a unique way to solve the following endgame problem:

“Fight Club” Parody

Posted: October 4, 2009 in jokes, Video
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For those of you who have seen the movie Fight Club, somebody came up with a very funny parody of it called “Chess Club”.  If you look closely, you’ll see they make the common error of setting up the board incorrectly – dark squares on the right hand side, but only a chess geek like me would notice that. 

(I never did see the movie, but the funny thing is, I have an idea of what it must be like from this video clip!)

Take a look at our newest You Tube video.  Thanks to my new computer, I had a much easier time putting together a short film of a lightning skittles game between Bessalel and Chris. 

I’ve also posted some of the new club photos on the Events page.  See you all on Wednesday for Round 3 of the Goodbye to Summer Swiss.

P.S. This is the 100 MB version.  If you want a high-res sample for your own computer, feel free to bring in a memory stick and I’ll download the 500 MB version from my computer.

We are always striving to add new content to our site.  As such, we are exploring the possibilities of WordPress video capabilities. 

The video below was recorded during the winter of 2007.  It contains a snippet of a skittles game being played as other players were milling about waiting for the pairings to be posted for that week’s matches.

If you get to the club 15-20 minutes before 8 p.m., there is always time for some 5 minute speed chess before the real matched get underway!