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Mission Statement

The Suffern Chess Club has merged with Bergen Chess Mates. The club provides a quiet, relaxing place for local chess players to gather for “over the board” tournament matches.  The club is a great outlet for friendly competition at the world’s most challenging board game.


United Methodist Church

Club Location: United Methodist Church, 100 Dayton Street, Ridgewood, NJ

The club is on Dayton Street, right across the street from Van Neste Square Memorial Park and around the corner from the Clearview Warner Quad movie theater. 


About the Suffern Chess Club

The club has been in existence for over 20 years and was formerly known as the Hillsdale-Montvale Chess Club.  The club relocated to Suffern from late 2007 to early 2015 but has now merged with Bergen Chess Mates.  We meet every Monday at 7:30 p.m. for rated tournament play.  The club has members of various strengths and we encourage you to come out and have fun.  Standard tournaments are game 85 (1 hour 25 minutes per person) with a 5 second delay before each move.

The club features:

  • Weekly USCF rated match play
  • Year-round tournaments
  • Pre-match casual play
  • Various skill levels

* United States Chess Federation Membership is required for participation in rated events.

Contact Us

  • Tournament Director / President – Gerry Freel (845) 735-3128
  • Marketing / Publicity / Questions – Louis Winokur (845) 369-1610
  • General Questions – Fred Sauberman (845) 321-3963     
  1. David Butler says:


    I was wondering whether you might be willing to link to some timelapse chess software I’ve developed in your resources section?

    See for more info.


    • I’ve published your post. Can you explain what the purpose of the software is? Why wyould somebody purchase it?

      • David Butler says:

        Thanks! Sure, the purpose is twofold. Firstly it acts as a software chessclock. Secondly it takes a picture of the board at every move, so that a time lapse video of the game can be made and stored as a visual record of the game. Hope you might find it useful!

        The first person to contact me from here is welcome to a free license 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    are there any children’s chess clubs in rockland? My nine year old loves to play (we live in New City) and we do not know of any local places for him to play or get lessons

    • Sorry for the delay in my reply (I haven’t checked the site in awhile) – there are not children’s clubs per se, but you can check the club listings on our home page for clubs in the area that play on Sundays. The International Chess Academy does have many programs for kids and they are right in Hackensack. You can also check the US Chess Federation site for complete listing of clubs.

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